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Archbishop Ezekiel H. Guti

A humble servant of God with unmistakable marks of apostleship upon him. Archbishop Professor E.H.Guti holds a Doctor Of Ministry and a PH.D in Religion.He is founder of the largest and fast-growing Pentecostal church in the southern and central region of Africa called Zimbabwe Assembles Of God Africa –Forward In Faith Ministries International (ZAOGA FIFMI) He is a seasoned apostle and he has been in ministry spanning seven decades.God has used to him to raise thousands of churches around the globe and he oversees several thousands of pastors and evangelists.He has established several bible schools in Zimbabwe, Mozambique ,RSA ,Zambia ,Ghana where students are trained for full time ministry.In addition he has hundreds of evening /part time and online bible schools not only in Zimbabwe but also around the world where lay leaders are equipped to do the work of the ministry .ProfessorE.H.Guti has founded many ministries that serve specific areas in the lives of God`s people ,thee include Africa Christian Business Fellowship (ABDF) ,Gracious Women Fellowship And Husbands Agape Fellowship, FIF Children`s homes, ministry to the blind , ministry to the disabled. And Forward in Faith College and High School Ministry to name just a few. His ministry has trained Chaplains who serve in the security forces and hospitals. His awards include: Kingdom Service Award by the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe ,Kingdom Statesman Award by the International Third World Leaders Association, Career & Leadership Legacy Builder Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award From the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce and a Gospel Veterans Award Amongst others .He is a spiritual father to many other churches outside of ZAOGA FIFMI. He also has founded and built the following: 2 primary and 6 high schools in Zimbabwe and one in Liberia .A university ,Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) where he is also the Chancellor ,a hospital called Mbuya Dorcas Hospital and Health Centre which includes a non-medicine wing where people receive counselling and deliverance ;and a 24 hour satellite television station Ezekiel TV which broadcasts from South Africa to the world and is also available online . Archbishop Professor Ezekiel Guti Established churches in 150 nations and states on every continent and at 96 years he is still planting churches and winning souls .He is used mighty as a prophet and marriage counselor whose wisdom is sought after by people from all walks of life from politicians to ordinary citizens ,captains of industry to the uneducated church leaders to church members and it is through many his many years of experience as a counselor that he says “people are people “and his burden is to see the standard of people raised as they operate in the kingdom of God. As an Evangelist mighty miracles have characterized his ministry for 72 years .He is a man of love ,passionate soul ,winner ,a fervent intercessor and has a great fatherly heart .He is married to Apostle Dr. Eunor Guti and they work together impacting lives around the globe. God has honored them and all their children are in full-time ministry.