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Apostle Addmore Zinatsa

Apostle Addmore Zinatsa is an AMFCC postgraduate. He holds a Master's degree in Theology. He has also been trained as a television and radio speaker. He also sits in quite a number of boards in the church. Together with his wife Overseer Sue they have been pastoring for over 33 years now. They have pastored quite a number of churches in Zimbabwe. They have been missionaries in Swaziland for 7 years and are now in South Africa for the past 16 years. In South Africa they have pastored in Bloemfontein, pioneered Mpumalanga province up to the time it was divided into two, High and Lowveld. They have been District Pastors in Ekhurluleni, Overseers of Johannesburg province, Overseers of Welkom province. Currently they are overseers of Pretoria Province South. They have been blessed with 2girls 1boy, 1 son in law and 2 granddaughters.


Sessions by Apostle Addmore Zinatsa

Thursday 22 April 2021

12:30pm – 1:00pm